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Monday, November 22, 2010

Love this day..

Huhu..feels very stress..exam is just around the corner..Having my last week for the first semester and I felt like I was just here, like I was just knew all my classmate yesterday...wow..Time runs very fast..Having new classmates that has their own attitude or style…Everyone is different, very different I mean.
22 November 2010….the youngest person in our class having his 18th birthday..It’s a very wonderful moment for him..That is his first birthday celebration in 18 years old..wow, I fell grateful because I am part of the master piece of the birthday celebration even though I didn’t help or being the main distributer for the celebration but I did what a friend should did for his friend..Hopes that my cute friend will always be happy and can success in his study.

Thamizi's Birthday Cake

That is the happy part of the story but the sad one is..one of our classmate will leave us because she want to continue his studies at UiTM Dungun. Well, don’t know much about her even we are together for about 5 month. However she is a nice girl and hopes she will succeed there and didn’t forget us here. It’s a day that I will never forget, it’s a semester that I don’t want to regret because of what a wonderful class that I have.

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