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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sWeeT sTorY..

a student ask his teacher..

sir?? how can we choose the best person for us to love.?
and how our love will last forever.?

TEACHER: Okay, just follow what will i told you to do..
Go to the garden and walk through it while looking at the flower in front of you.. choose the most beautiful flower without even looking back.
Then, bring it to the class..

After that, the boys went to the garden.
and when he come back..
There is nothing on his hands.

"why didn't you take any flower??" the teacher ask..

STUDENT: well, I've search the most beautiful flower, there are many beautiful flower but you told me to choose the most beautiful so i keep walking on searching the most beautiful one without even looking back
and when I reach the end of the garden I didn't found the most beautiful flower..
Maybe there is the most beautiful flower in the garden that is behind me but you told me not to look back even once so I'm unable to pick it.

TEACHER: Hurm,, well you mange to answer the question just right now..

The boys started to understand.

TEACHER: it means, when we already met with the one that we love,
well, we don't have to look for someone better..
we should appreciate him/her...
its better if we don' look back
because happened is happened and lets hope that it wont repeat again.

Remember!! the one who we love is the most beautiful and he/she is the best even though there are peoples better and more beautiful than her/him..(^_^)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Love this day..

Huhu..feels very stress..exam is just around the corner..Having my last week for the first semester and I felt like I was just here, like I was just knew all my classmate yesterday...wow..Time runs very fast..Having new classmates that has their own attitude or style…Everyone is different, very different I mean.
22 November 2010….the youngest person in our class having his 18th birthday..It’s a very wonderful moment for him..That is his first birthday celebration in 18 years old..wow, I fell grateful because I am part of the master piece of the birthday celebration even though I didn’t help or being the main distributer for the celebration but I did what a friend should did for his friend..Hopes that my cute friend will always be happy and can success in his study.

Thamizi's Birthday Cake

That is the happy part of the story but the sad one is..one of our classmate will leave us because she want to continue his studies at UiTM Dungun. Well, don’t know much about her even we are together for about 5 month. However she is a nice girl and hopes she will succeed there and didn’t forget us here. It’s a day that I will never forget, it’s a semester that I don’t want to regret because of what a wonderful class that I have.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It is just who we are..and who we want to be...

      If an egg, a carrot and a coffee bean are put into 3 different glasses with the same volume of hot water what will happen to it after 20 minutes? Hmm, the carrot will softened by the hot water while the egg will harden and the water in the last glass will turn its colour, smell and taste.
      Well, it was just a simple thing to know...Before this, I use to be like the carrot; softened by the condition and just follow the flow of the situation…having only 9 boys in a class 6 of us are very naughty until our group is called “6 Jahanam” and I just follow them, be naughty with them…but the experience makes me realize that I need to change and by that experience I am like the egg, harden by the situation, I became stronger and more mature. 
      I also have been like the coffee bean, changing the situation by leading it.... I did manage to be a class monitor for about three and a half years. Lead them all and all the decision is up to me.
    Sometimes I am like the egg, harden myself by the situation like when I am with the naughty boys at hostel. I want to be a role-model for them and lead them to goodness. I can’t be like the coffee bean when I am with them because they have their own personalities and they know how to decide and lead their group, if I do anything to make me like the coffee bean they may hate me or isolate me and maybe they will not accept me as their friend. Just need to be their example, and by God will they will change. Haha…

P/S: Just B.S.U.R.S.I.C.U.R (iCa)…

Friday, November 12, 2010


     Wow..13 weeks have passed just like that, it was just like yesterday that I’ve been here, it’s like last night was my first flight ever in my life from Tawau, Sabah to Kuala Lumpur.13 weeks? It is a long period of time. There is a lot that can be told in one day, then what about 13 weeks? If I represent a colour to a story and paint it on a wall, what a colourfull wall will it be? A beautifully coloured, awesome wall it be!

Having a new life, experiencing new experiences, meeting new and some old friends and being taught by new lecturers, all that happened in Darulnaim College of Technology (KTD).

It’s my new life to live far from my hometown, which I have to be more independent to survive. Here, I have to buy food by myself, cook for myself and be independent by myself. If not I will call my parents and ask them to buy me the tickets to go back home. These 13 weeks teach me many things. How can I manage my financial, how can I manage my daily timetable and how to manage my time to be with my friends, to play sports, to call my family and to do anything. It’s stressful enough to be far from my family and 13 weeks here also teach me how to manage stress.

If we talk about experience…well, these 13 weeks is full of my “first” time? Why? To arrive here I have to take at least one flight and these 13 weeks I sat on an airplane for the first time. This is my first time to be in another state even though I have been to other country before. I play futsal in a futsal court for the first time in these 13 weeks. It is my first time ever to play bowling and also first time ever to be in Kuala Lumpur. The most valuable event is this is my first time that I am helping to break the Malaysians Book’s of Record.

In this 13 weeks I have also met new and some old friends. I met with some of my secondary school (SMK Segama) classmates and schoolmates also some from ‘Program Latihan Khidmat Negara’ (PLKN) trainers. Well, I didn’t expect that I will meet them again but God is the most Merciful, he choose us to meet once again. Every people have their own personalities and meeting new friend surely means knowing other persons personalities. I will take the good examples to follow in my life and leave the negative behind, or manipulate it to be better.

At KTD, the programs that I will never forget is “Minggu Silaturahim” (MASIR), “Isalamic Leisure Weekend” (i-Like) programme, and also celebrating syawal with PERKEMASS here,far from my hometown. “Program Pembangunan Sahsiah Terpuji” (PESAT) and “Kajian Tarbawi” programme are new for me and I think that it is a good way to shapes students or peoples.

Being here makes me wonder, what kind of person will I Well, I become after three years of learning. Well, I think these three years will change me a lot, my stress management, financial, management, time management and many more. I want to go back to my hometown with pride and want to tell everyone that success id for everyone to grap. I want to be a rple-model for my brothers and for my naughty friends.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Do we know who we are??
do we ever think of it..???
if someone ask us then i think its hard to answer..
it is an unexpected question and its hard to answer...
only some of us would answer it properly while the others...arr..arr..arr.. like there is many gold on their mouth......speechless..

How can we know who we really are??
just look into the mirror and we will see who we really are..
sounds easy right??haha..
well, its easy if we know..
easy of we know where to look..
easy if we just let go all of the burden, let go all of our ego,
open our heart and and be free..

look into the mirror and observe our surrounding..
we will see who is besides us..
we will see our past..present and see what is coming in our future..
then observe ourself, see our good, bad...

Knowing about ourself will surely makes us more mature, take us further and achieve better feeling.

free_man (",)

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Don't Love You

"To love someone doesn't need any reason"..huhu..
peoples maybe strongly disagree but we should think about this statement..this is most people statement.."i love him/her because he/she is kind, pretty, style, loving, caring and sweet..haha..

why should there is any reason for us to love someone???
why do we need a reason to love someone.??

Think of this......
if i love you because you are a loving person then when you are not a loving person anymore then i will not love you anymore..???
if i love you because you are pretty then when you are old are you as pretty as before??no right..then i will not love you anymore..
if i love you because you are kind then when you do something that is bad..
so i will not love you anymore..??is it...??
if i love you because of your dressing then when you change your dressing i will not love you anymore..?? does it.??

Well, maybe its not 100% correct, but take a lesson from it....
Yes, it is necessary if  we look at our couple attitude, religious view, dressing and other aspect but...loving someone doesn't need any reason..if so then our love can be denied anytime...and last but not least consideration about all the aspects is necessary..

_loveperson_ (".)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Thief Of Cherry

TANJUNG CHAT B, MONDAY, 25 OCTOBER 2010 - A cherry was reported missing by a women namen Puteh, She noticed that the cake that is use to celebrate three persons birthday was missing when she look at the picture that was taken at the day of the celebrations.
Victim's Cake ( The cake that became a victim)

       The thief is known as Mohammad Abdul Rahman Bin Lausa, 18, or his famous name on facebook that is Raman Wakaf Che Yeh. He sureendered himself to the B4 Police Station at Tanjung Chat B, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He surrended himself because he know that he is wrong and he want to eat the other cherry permissible. Then, the B4,B6 and B7 crews fullfill his will. The crime was said to be under Kanun Kesiksaan 25/261092 - Eating Without Permission. If guilty, considered as sentence to death.

       Khalifuddin, the Cheif Inspector of B4 Police Station said, the thief will not sentence to death because of his smudge and his will to repentance also Puteh's wish to know more about the thief.

by-B7 Crew (",)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Realize or Not???

Thanks to Allah for giving me such a meaningful 17 years..this time i didn't aspect any wish from anyone but what is important for me is i feel calm and relax for the day..haha..and until now i manage to do it by God will.
I really didn't aspect anything from the others but i receive a really meaningful present that night..

My friend try to cheat me by saying that they have been caught by the warden and the ward\en want to meet us.. Then i, together with Yusri, the one who has the same birthday with me just walk and suddenly.,Nasrul came from behind trying to dirt us with flour and Khalif try to wetting us with water that is mixed with urine, detergent..huh, very smelly..

but..what is important is we just trying to be a nice person..better than before i mean..17 years had gone, 17 years God give me life to live.. the most valuable thing is, as we are getting older we should realize that our life is getting shorter.. so be prepare and may God bless all of us..wasalam..

Monday, October 11, 2010

1 in 10 000 challenges.

During Rehearsel For The Big Event
        10. 10. 2010. a day to remember by all Malaysian. A record has been broken. Thanks to Allah all the "Merantau Warrior" is safe and manage to help in braking the Malaysian Books of Record. 1 in 10 000 is the climax of the Jom Silat Campaign. 10 254 silat member joining the challenges including us, Merantau Warrior.
       A trip to Kuala Lumpur from Kelantan is a very long trip but we are trying to enjoying ourself make our trip longer by passing through Gua Musang to Cameroon Highland instead of passing through Jalan Pahang that is shorter and safer. Haha. It not that our trip is not safe but its the road at Cameroon Highland that is dizzying us. Left right up down. wow its twice as a trip to Kota Kinabalu from Sandakan. Even so, all of us is satisfied and enjoyed the trip eventhough some of us vomit.There are to many sweet memories along our trip. Singing together, celebrating our friend's birthday, met our old friend and many more.

Uniform For The Graduate Silaters

       I didn't expect that i will came to Kuala Lumpur and explore before this. I thought that i will be there maybe next year or later but its my luck, my destiny that i am there at a lucky day, 10. 10. 2010, attending the climax of an event full of 10 000 people. Its all about 10.Many more to tell you guys about the trip. huh just the time isn't on my side. Have to go. Wasalam.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Facebook and me...???

     'Facebook'...sounds familiar right? yes, its is very popular among teenagers right now.. sitting in front of computer screen, chatting, sharing, finding new friend and keep in touch with classmates or old friends.

     For me, facebook means a lot to me. There is the places where i can keep in touch with all my friend. Even i have their numbers but its different in facebook. I can chat with them with shorter time and no bills.. There we can share our picture, our memorable picture such as class picture, we can comment on it and lots of time we make jokes, kidding with the others. It can keep our relationship in the pink of health.

     Everything in this world have it's own black and white. For some person they are very addicted to facebook until their forget their responsibilities whether as a student or commonly as a human, sleep late, chatting until forgetting their homework or assignments, forgetting their responsibilities to God. Well, its depends on our self, we know whats the best for us.

       Firstly, i was addicted also but when i take a deep breath and a deep think of it, well, no good if i keep going on it. Now, i can control it and can manage my time on facebook well. By the same time i will always look forward to update my blog because this blog is shared with my ex classmates.

       Thats all for now i think.To all my friend, i wish that we can enjoy our teenagers life but hopefully it is on the right way. Life must enjoy but we know the limit. If so, then it is the most enjoyable life that we have..Think of it......

Monday, October 4, 2010

Because of you...

       This is another story of me, a story of people who design, who shapes me at school. Without him, perhaps i cant achieve excellence in academics.i owed them very much and surely i miss them very much.

     When i was at SK, i really really admired this teacher. We call him 'cikgu chok' and now he is a muallaf and his name is Yusof Chok. He teach us mathematics and he is the reason why i love maths very much until now, he is the reason that i am excellent in mathematics, by God will. Before he entered the class he want all of us to stand outside the class and reading the multiplies for any numbers. Then when we entered the class he didn't allowed us to sit. He will gives about 15 questions and after a minute, whoever answered the question correctly will sit first. I will never forget the experience..

     What really interesting about him is he never mad to us but he is very strict and nice. He is also teach us more than math but he teach us about not to giving up and encourages us to success.

      I wish that i can meet him again when i've already success. If can i want to kiss his hand. I don't know how to thank to him. May God bless him and gives him the reward that he should get. Thanks not only for him, but the other teacher also. I owe you all so much...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

October's 'Tradegy'

     This October will be a great month, a happy time for me. Firstly, i will go to Kuala Lumpur with my friends and trying to make something unforgotten in our life. We will try to make a record, Malaysian Book Of Record through Carnival Jom Silat. Before that we will make a surprise for our friend that will celebrate his 18th birthday just a day before the carnival.
     This October also i will go back to Sabah. I miss my home so much.. This October also my brother will end his single life and i will be very shy to the people who knowing me well because after this, it is my turn to end my single life..i wonder, is there anyone who would be my life partner.???
      Lastly, this October i will celebrate my birthday with two of my friend that has the same birthday as me. i wonder how will the naughty boy celebrate us..Hope that month will be the greatest moment of all, God Will

Saturday, September 25, 2010


      What will a raya means a person...This raya is very different to me, why?? surely because i am far from my hometown. i live in the southeast  in Malaysia and now i am at the northeast place in Malaysia. i cant do anything, i want to go back home but the ticket price is very expensive..well i can't do anything, i want to save my money for my something else.

My new Baju Melayu
     The saddest thing for me is i can't celebrate raya with my family, i can't hold and kiss their hand and i can't be with the rest of my family. Before this i have already intend to visit my family at Kg. Paris because i haven't went there to visit them for a long time. Well maybe it's not my destiny to meet them this year.

     Well, even though that i can't celebrate syawal with my family in Sabah doesn't mean that i should sad  24 hours per day, it will affect the people around me that has the same destiny with me.. so i must smile in front of them even its hard for me. I don't know how to express my experience with words, but the sweet and sour memories will always be in my memory.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Does he???

        'Its very complicated', said my friend..
He ask me do he really need to keep on, on his attitude..
He said he is flexible.. When he is together with the boys (naughty Sabahan's students)
he will be naughty also. The point is that he don't want the boys said that he is not sporting but he does not follow their bad attitude such as coupling and smoking,
and he is with the girl, his attitude will change he will be a good boy, he will walk through the girl in the college's bus very politely.
"doesn't it hypocrite??" he said.

i don't know what to say to him.
Some people may think that it's hypocrite but he was just trying to make friend with all people.
Like Malay people always said "masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang harimau mengaum"
We can change with the situation as long that we didn't hurt people around us..

Friday, August 27, 2010

'Mere name is Khan'

It is a story of a man who had Asperger's Syndrome. The story brings some messages to me...
all humans are same,,,
Muslims, Hindu, Kristian, white, brown, fat, thin, tall..
the only thing that differentiates us is our heart..
The story tell us that there are only two peoples in this world,
"good people and do good deeds..
and bad people who do bad"...

Even though we different in colour, religious and family background..
we still human beings..
only our attitude differentiates us..
together we think about it..
to be a good person is easy...
no one would hurts us, God willing..
but to be a bad person...
everyone will dislikes us....
even God will mad to us..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my friends says................

              It was a very calm night when my friend said something to us. He said "if u want to do GOOD things, do it now and if u want to do BAD things then do it tomorrow.

              I wonder how I could never think of such words. Then I take a deep think about the statement. I think that it is really rational and a very wonderful statement. If we want to do something good, why should we delay it and if we do good thing today, we will not do the bad thing for tomorrow because we realize that there is no use to do any bad thing or behavior.

              Surely if we didn't do any good thing today, what can we guarantee that we can live tomorrow and do good thing. Together we think about it and together we remind ourselves that we should be grateful with God because without His permission we will not able to breathe anymore, to see, to walk, to feel any more. Be thankful to Him and believes that with His permission nothing bad will happen to us if we do good thing and pray to Him..

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Boys....

Mohd Abdul Rahman Amdat

Markos Bin Harasim

Mohd Azif Bin Amat
What can i say about the boys in my class is they shapes me. Having even only 4 boys includes me out of 15 students in the class but each of them has their own specialty for me. The eldest one is Mohd Abdul Rahman Bin Amdat. He is very mature and he is the one who show me to be more styler in clothing and he is also the one who leads and encourage me in religious part. The second one is Markos Bin Harasim which i has mention in my first post. He is the one who act as a catalyst in my spirit to success in academic and curriculum. While the other one is Mohd Azif Bin Amat is my English guider. He is the one who helps me a lot in learning English.

So, what can i say is the boys in my class are very unique and always complete each other. Our friendship will last forever. Aamin.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Something to say about loves.

          Adolescent today is very expose to social intercourse. They are not ashamed to the society and to God. Everywhere we can see social intercourse that is coupling. So I want to share something that I know about love.
          There is a theory said that heart is like a bottle filled with water and that water represents our love. So whenever we are coupling or are in love with somebody, automatically we feel like we want to be love, to be cared by him/her, and we will remember him/her anytime. Then, this theory said that the water inside the bottle will slowly decrease because the water will be poured to him/her and finally the bottle will become empty.

          So, what will we give to our husband/wife if our heart is empty? What a big loss from those who will married with someone that has spent his young time by coupling/s. Together we think about it. Maybe the theory does not correct 100% but surely there is something that we can take as a lesson for us.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moment of Change

This is my first post so i think it is very suitable for me to share my experience where i start to change. In my UPSR i am one of the most favourite student in my class, but sadly my results is not very excellent and i'm very jealous to some of the naughty boy in my class are more excellent than me.
        Then i continued my education at SMK Segama, Lahad Datu. i am one of six of the naughtiest boys in the class and our group is called '6 Jahanam'. Then, something 'miracle' happens. It was happen when i was at form 2, semester 2  in a maths class. i still remember, teacher Chin were teaching us about solving an equation, and what i do? i'm not focus. i'm just making noise and i'm trying to bring my friend that is next to me to have a chit chat and then he said "shhh, study first" while pointing his finger to the teacher in front of us.
        What a big impact that sentence and that event for me. i felt like everyone heard what he said and i felt very ashamed to myself and to all my friends. Then i start to think rationally that i should study. Sometimes i cried alone in my room especially after pray and before i slept because that is the moment where i usually think about my past or future.
        From that moment, i start to study harder than before, if my position in the class for the first semester is 21 from 33, i am at 11 in the 2nd semester and only two marks that's separates me to from the top 10. Some of my classmates were very surprised. Even though it is not really noticeable to the others but i finally make all of my classmates in the PMR trial where i got the highest marks in mathematics.
Markos Bin Harasim
       I'm really grateful to Allah because He had given me the right way by the guide of my friends even though, he is non muslim. But he has an excellent personalities and he is Markos Bin Harasim.