What Do You Think??

Friday, August 27, 2010

'Mere name is Khan'

It is a story of a man who had Asperger's Syndrome. The story brings some messages to me...
all humans are same,,,
Muslims, Hindu, Kristian, white, brown, fat, thin, tall..
the only thing that differentiates us is our heart..
The story tell us that there are only two peoples in this world,
"good people and do good deeds..
and bad people who do bad"...

Even though we different in colour, religious and family background..
we still human beings..
only our attitude differentiates us..
together we think about it..
to be a good person is easy...
no one would hurts us, God willing..
but to be a bad person...
everyone will dislikes us....
even God will mad to us..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my friends says................

              It was a very calm night when my friend said something to us. He said "if u want to do GOOD things, do it now and if u want to do BAD things then do it tomorrow.

              I wonder how I could never think of such words. Then I take a deep think about the statement. I think that it is really rational and a very wonderful statement. If we want to do something good, why should we delay it and if we do good thing today, we will not do the bad thing for tomorrow because we realize that there is no use to do any bad thing or behavior.

              Surely if we didn't do any good thing today, what can we guarantee that we can live tomorrow and do good thing. Together we think about it and together we remind ourselves that we should be grateful with God because without His permission we will not able to breathe anymore, to see, to walk, to feel any more. Be thankful to Him and believes that with His permission nothing bad will happen to us if we do good thing and pray to Him..

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Boys....

Mohd Abdul Rahman Amdat

Markos Bin Harasim

Mohd Azif Bin Amat
What can i say about the boys in my class is they shapes me. Having even only 4 boys includes me out of 15 students in the class but each of them has their own specialty for me. The eldest one is Mohd Abdul Rahman Bin Amdat. He is very mature and he is the one who show me to be more styler in clothing and he is also the one who leads and encourage me in religious part. The second one is Markos Bin Harasim which i has mention in my first post. He is the one who act as a catalyst in my spirit to success in academic and curriculum. While the other one is Mohd Azif Bin Amat is my English guider. He is the one who helps me a lot in learning English.

So, what can i say is the boys in my class are very unique and always complete each other. Our friendship will last forever. Aamin.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Something to say about loves.

          Adolescent today is very expose to social intercourse. They are not ashamed to the society and to God. Everywhere we can see social intercourse that is coupling. So I want to share something that I know about love.
          There is a theory said that heart is like a bottle filled with water and that water represents our love. So whenever we are coupling or are in love with somebody, automatically we feel like we want to be love, to be cared by him/her, and we will remember him/her anytime. Then, this theory said that the water inside the bottle will slowly decrease because the water will be poured to him/her and finally the bottle will become empty.

          So, what will we give to our husband/wife if our heart is empty? What a big loss from those who will married with someone that has spent his young time by coupling/s. Together we think about it. Maybe the theory does not correct 100% but surely there is something that we can take as a lesson for us.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moment of Change

This is my first post so i think it is very suitable for me to share my experience where i start to change. In my UPSR i am one of the most favourite student in my class, but sadly my results is not very excellent and i'm very jealous to some of the naughty boy in my class are more excellent than me.
        Then i continued my education at SMK Segama, Lahad Datu. i am one of six of the naughtiest boys in the class and our group is called '6 Jahanam'. Then, something 'miracle' happens. It was happen when i was at form 2, semester 2  in a maths class. i still remember, teacher Chin were teaching us about solving an equation, and what i do? i'm not focus. i'm just making noise and i'm trying to bring my friend that is next to me to have a chit chat and then he said "shhh, study first" while pointing his finger to the teacher in front of us.
        What a big impact that sentence and that event for me. i felt like everyone heard what he said and i felt very ashamed to myself and to all my friends. Then i start to think rationally that i should study. Sometimes i cried alone in my room especially after pray and before i slept because that is the moment where i usually think about my past or future.
        From that moment, i start to study harder than before, if my position in the class for the first semester is 21 from 33, i am at 11 in the 2nd semester and only two marks that's separates me to from the top 10. Some of my classmates were very surprised. Even though it is not really noticeable to the others but i finally make all of my classmates in the PMR trial where i got the highest marks in mathematics.
Markos Bin Harasim
       I'm really grateful to Allah because He had given me the right way by the guide of my friends even though, he is non muslim. But he has an excellent personalities and he is Markos Bin Harasim.