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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Thief Of Cherry

TANJUNG CHAT B, MONDAY, 25 OCTOBER 2010 - A cherry was reported missing by a women namen Puteh, She noticed that the cake that is use to celebrate three persons birthday was missing when she look at the picture that was taken at the day of the celebrations.
Victim's Cake ( The cake that became a victim)

       The thief is known as Mohammad Abdul Rahman Bin Lausa, 18, or his famous name on facebook that is Raman Wakaf Che Yeh. He sureendered himself to the B4 Police Station at Tanjung Chat B, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He surrended himself because he know that he is wrong and he want to eat the other cherry permissible. Then, the B4,B6 and B7 crews fullfill his will. The crime was said to be under Kanun Kesiksaan 25/261092 - Eating Without Permission. If guilty, considered as sentence to death.

       Khalifuddin, the Cheif Inspector of B4 Police Station said, the thief will not sentence to death because of his smudge and his will to repentance also Puteh's wish to know more about the thief.

by-B7 Crew (",)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Realize or Not???

Thanks to Allah for giving me such a meaningful 17 years..this time i didn't aspect any wish from anyone but what is important for me is i feel calm and relax for the day..haha..and until now i manage to do it by God will.
I really didn't aspect anything from the others but i receive a really meaningful present that night..

My friend try to cheat me by saying that they have been caught by the warden and the ward\en want to meet us.. Then i, together with Yusri, the one who has the same birthday with me just walk and suddenly.,Nasrul came from behind trying to dirt us with flour and Khalif try to wetting us with water that is mixed with urine, detergent..huh, very smelly..

but..what is important is we just trying to be a nice person..better than before i mean..17 years had gone, 17 years God give me life to live.. the most valuable thing is, as we are getting older we should realize that our life is getting shorter.. so be prepare and may God bless all of us..wasalam..

Monday, October 11, 2010

1 in 10 000 challenges.

During Rehearsel For The Big Event
        10. 10. 2010. a day to remember by all Malaysian. A record has been broken. Thanks to Allah all the "Merantau Warrior" is safe and manage to help in braking the Malaysian Books of Record. 1 in 10 000 is the climax of the Jom Silat Campaign. 10 254 silat member joining the challenges including us, Merantau Warrior.
       A trip to Kuala Lumpur from Kelantan is a very long trip but we are trying to enjoying ourself make our trip longer by passing through Gua Musang to Cameroon Highland instead of passing through Jalan Pahang that is shorter and safer. Haha. It not that our trip is not safe but its the road at Cameroon Highland that is dizzying us. Left right up down. wow its twice as a trip to Kota Kinabalu from Sandakan. Even so, all of us is satisfied and enjoyed the trip eventhough some of us vomit.There are to many sweet memories along our trip. Singing together, celebrating our friend's birthday, met our old friend and many more.

Uniform For The Graduate Silaters

       I didn't expect that i will came to Kuala Lumpur and explore before this. I thought that i will be there maybe next year or later but its my luck, my destiny that i am there at a lucky day, 10. 10. 2010, attending the climax of an event full of 10 000 people. Its all about 10.Many more to tell you guys about the trip. huh just the time isn't on my side. Have to go. Wasalam.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Facebook and me...???

     'Facebook'...sounds familiar right? yes, its is very popular among teenagers right now.. sitting in front of computer screen, chatting, sharing, finding new friend and keep in touch with classmates or old friends.

     For me, facebook means a lot to me. There is the places where i can keep in touch with all my friend. Even i have their numbers but its different in facebook. I can chat with them with shorter time and no bills.. There we can share our picture, our memorable picture such as class picture, we can comment on it and lots of time we make jokes, kidding with the others. It can keep our relationship in the pink of health.

     Everything in this world have it's own black and white. For some person they are very addicted to facebook until their forget their responsibilities whether as a student or commonly as a human, sleep late, chatting until forgetting their homework or assignments, forgetting their responsibilities to God. Well, its depends on our self, we know whats the best for us.

       Firstly, i was addicted also but when i take a deep breath and a deep think of it, well, no good if i keep going on it. Now, i can control it and can manage my time on facebook well. By the same time i will always look forward to update my blog because this blog is shared with my ex classmates.

       Thats all for now i think.To all my friend, i wish that we can enjoy our teenagers life but hopefully it is on the right way. Life must enjoy but we know the limit. If so, then it is the most enjoyable life that we have..Think of it......

Monday, October 4, 2010

Because of you...

       This is another story of me, a story of people who design, who shapes me at school. Without him, perhaps i cant achieve excellence in academics.i owed them very much and surely i miss them very much.

     When i was at SK, i really really admired this teacher. We call him 'cikgu chok' and now he is a muallaf and his name is Yusof Chok. He teach us mathematics and he is the reason why i love maths very much until now, he is the reason that i am excellent in mathematics, by God will. Before he entered the class he want all of us to stand outside the class and reading the multiplies for any numbers. Then when we entered the class he didn't allowed us to sit. He will gives about 15 questions and after a minute, whoever answered the question correctly will sit first. I will never forget the experience..

     What really interesting about him is he never mad to us but he is very strict and nice. He is also teach us more than math but he teach us about not to giving up and encourages us to success.

      I wish that i can meet him again when i've already success. If can i want to kiss his hand. I don't know how to thank to him. May God bless him and gives him the reward that he should get. Thanks not only for him, but the other teacher also. I owe you all so much...