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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Thief Of Cherry

TANJUNG CHAT B, MONDAY, 25 OCTOBER 2010 - A cherry was reported missing by a women namen Puteh, She noticed that the cake that is use to celebrate three persons birthday was missing when she look at the picture that was taken at the day of the celebrations.
Victim's Cake ( The cake that became a victim)

       The thief is known as Mohammad Abdul Rahman Bin Lausa, 18, or his famous name on facebook that is Raman Wakaf Che Yeh. He sureendered himself to the B4 Police Station at Tanjung Chat B, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He surrended himself because he know that he is wrong and he want to eat the other cherry permissible. Then, the B4,B6 and B7 crews fullfill his will. The crime was said to be under Kanun Kesiksaan 25/261092 - Eating Without Permission. If guilty, considered as sentence to death.

       Khalifuddin, the Cheif Inspector of B4 Police Station said, the thief will not sentence to death because of his smudge and his will to repentance also Puteh's wish to know more about the thief.

by-B7 Crew (",)


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