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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sWeeT sTorY..

a student ask his teacher..

sir?? how can we choose the best person for us to love.?
and how our love will last forever.?

TEACHER: Okay, just follow what will i told you to do..
Go to the garden and walk through it while looking at the flower in front of you.. choose the most beautiful flower without even looking back.
Then, bring it to the class..

After that, the boys went to the garden.
and when he come back..
There is nothing on his hands.

"why didn't you take any flower??" the teacher ask..

STUDENT: well, I've search the most beautiful flower, there are many beautiful flower but you told me to choose the most beautiful so i keep walking on searching the most beautiful one without even looking back
and when I reach the end of the garden I didn't found the most beautiful flower..
Maybe there is the most beautiful flower in the garden that is behind me but you told me not to look back even once so I'm unable to pick it.

TEACHER: Hurm,, well you mange to answer the question just right now..

The boys started to understand.

TEACHER: it means, when we already met with the one that we love,
well, we don't have to look for someone better..
we should appreciate him/her...
its better if we don' look back
because happened is happened and lets hope that it wont repeat again.

Remember!! the one who we love is the most beautiful and he/she is the best even though there are peoples better and more beautiful than her/him..(^_^)

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