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Monday, November 8, 2010


Do we know who we are??
do we ever think of it..???
if someone ask us then i think its hard to answer..
it is an unexpected question and its hard to answer...
only some of us would answer it properly while the others...arr..arr..arr.. like there is many gold on their mouth......speechless..

How can we know who we really are??
just look into the mirror and we will see who we really are..
sounds easy right??haha..
well, its easy if we know..
easy of we know where to look..
easy if we just let go all of the burden, let go all of our ego,
open our heart and and be free..

look into the mirror and observe our surrounding..
we will see who is besides us..
we will see our past..present and see what is coming in our future..
then observe ourself, see our good, bad...

Knowing about ourself will surely makes us more mature, take us further and achieve better feeling.

free_man (",)

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